Our professional engineers transform design concepts into cost-effective structural / fabrication drawings. Our engineers review and certify all drawings.

We have the equipment and the latest computer design software to enable us to address the most complex details associated with designing the building your custom sign.

Part of this exciting new software gives us "Virtual Sign" capability. This means you can send or E-mail us a photo of your site and we will show you how your new sign will appear on your building or in your parking lot before it's even manufactured!

The Minnesota Sign Company's large modern facility is equipped with state-of-the-art CAD/CAM sign fabrication technology. New technology combined with experienced mechanics make us a leader in the sign fabrication industry.

Minnesota Signs offers the following services:
* Creative Design
* Shop Drawings
* Specification Options
* Certified Engineering
* On-Time Completion
* Manufacturing with CAD/CAM Technology
* Permits and Variances
* Zoning Research
* Project Management
* Budgeting
* Statewide Installation